Hawthorn Villa and Carrick History

Hawthorn Villa was built in 1875 for the Monds family, a prominent Launceston family of the Victorian era. It was built on the site of Carrick's first hotel constructed in the 1830's by J Archer Snr and owned by William Bryan. The old inn was made of mud brick and straw and much of the brickwork was re-used during the construction of Hawthorn Villa.

The man responsible for building Hawthorn Villa was Thomas Wilke Monds who owned the Carrick flour mill next door. After much hard work and living with his family in the small cottage behind the mill for seven years, he had prospered sufficiently to be able to purchase more land, pull down the old inn and build the lovely Gothic dwelling, Hawthorn Villa. In the 1880’s he also built and owned Launceston’s largest flour mill which still operates today and is located near Seaport in Launceston.

It was with the greatest pleasure that Thomas saw his wife and children, which had expanded to eight, installed in the roomier and more gracious quarters at Hawthorn Villa.

His head Miller moved into the cottage behind the original flour mill which still stands today.

Hawthorn Villa is a two storey red brick building (painted only in recent years) in the Gothic revival style. It features steeply pitched gabled dormers with decorative barges.

Observant guests will notice that each of the houses barges and finials have a distinctly different design.

A concave veranda runs around three sides of the building. A conservatory was originally incorporated on the eastern side of the building. The windows are two panes, giving a view of the extensive gardens.

The original croquet lawn still graces the front gardens. A large flagpole was installed to the front eastern corner in the 1870’s – one remains there to this day.

Legend has it Mr Monds included a tin with coins and memorabilia of the time in the foundations of Hawthorn Villa.

A previous owner of Hawthorn Villa described the house as "very loveable" to live in.

The current custodians of the property, Innes & Nicole Pearce bought the property in 2003.

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