Hawthorn Villa Beautiful Gardens

Today the "Stables" accommodation is surrounded by 2 acres of parklike gardens. Without doubt the centrepiece is the grove of magnificent sequoias (National Trust Listed) that tower over the property. They are thought to have been planted more than 150 years ago and actually pre-date the Hawthorn Villa building site itself. Family photos from the 1890's clearly show these trees well established in the background.

Other trees on the property are listed by the National Estate and were originally planted in the 1870's by the Monds family, a prominent Launceston family of the Victorian era.

Indeed guests will find a number of important trees and rare plants on the estate. The use of pesticides is strictly limited and we rely heavily on free ranging chooks & ducks to reduce the number of garden pests.

Hawthorn Villa also boasts a huge Spanish Laurel tree which has an impressive canopy. The fruit of this tree was very popular in the Victorian times for making jam and pies. A large variegated English Holly tree stands majestically nearby.

The current owners, Innes & Nicole are continuing to extend the gardens and a number of hedges & trees have been recently planted to increase the private atmosphere that guests currently enjoy.

The large croquet lawn in front of Hawthorn Villa is much the same today as it was 130 years ago.

A wide range of bulbs that are planted on the estate allow for a beautiful spring show of colour & perfume including daffodils, jonquils, muscari, tulips, bluebells, snowdrops etc.

A rare bulb, that is prolific on the estate, flowering in late summer is the Brunsvigia Josephina which provides a spectacular & interesting show.

Guests love nothing better than to relax in the beautiful surroundings, perhaps with some wine and cheese, read a book or play an enjoyable game of bocce with some curious ducks watching on.

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